Procurement Costs b) Procedure Cost c) Ceiling Cost Address: An effective 184

14th maj 2022

Procurement Costs b) Procedure Cost c) Ceiling Cost Address: An effective 184

Lowest Assistance Costs b

Who is the fresh new president of 14th Funds Fee? C. Rangarajan b. Bimal Jalan d. Vijay Kelkar Respond to: A great 185. In the event the protecting exceeds investment, new national money will : (a) fall (b) rise (c) vary (d) are still lingering Address: A beneficial 186. And that of your own following the are definitely the fundamental causes of slow rates of growth of each capita earnings for the Asia? Brand new rising cost of living during the India should be searched as a result of: 1. Financial policy 2. Financial coverage step 3. Expanding creation 4. Expanding income profile Like their respond to of: (a) 1 and dos (b) step 1, dos and 3 (c) step 1, dos, 3 and 4 (d) dos and step 3 Respond to: An effective 188.

N. K Singh c

A financial shortage function: good. Financial deficit from the funds means: an effective. Cash deficit while the internet borrowings of one's authorities b. Budgetary deficit as well as the internet borrowings of the bodies c. Investment deficit as well as funds deficit d. Number 1 deficit minus financial support shortage Address: B 190. Fiscal deficit on Connection Finances function: a good.

191. Among the many architectural change hence of following the isn’t entirely greeting? a good. Boost in the brand new share off framework on GNP b. Relative share off agriculture to your GNP was declining c. Marked improvement in the fresh new sum of manufacturing into GNP d. Substantial rise in this new fee sum off personal management and you will protection to GDP Address: B

192. Internet factor money regarding overseas put into NDP offers: a. GNP b. NNP c. GDP d. for each capita earnings Respond to: B

193. Fulfill the after the: A beneficial. Increase 1. Company interest within a higher rate having growing income, efficiency and you may a position in the macro height B. Market meltdown dos. Steady fall-in money, productivity and you may employment which have company passion inside the a reduced methods C. Healing step three. Constant increase in all round price level and you can income, returns and you can employment D. Anxiety cuatro. Unmatched number of unemployment and you may radical belong earnings and returns A-b-c D (a) 1 dos step 3 cuatro (b) step one dos 4 step three (c) dos step one cuatro 3 (d) dos step one 3 4 Answer: Good

194. Gross Federal Earnings is definitely over Net National Earnings as it offers: (a) foreign earnings (b) resource application allotment (c) indirect fees (d) direct fees Respond to: B

195. Gross Federal Equipment during the business cost is understood to be : a beneficial. the marketplace property value most of the final goods and services built in a savings considering internet foundation income out-of cupid overseas b. the market industry worth of all final products or services manufactured in a cost savings c. the marketplace worth of all the last goods and services manufactured in a savings and additionally indirect taxes d. the market worth of every latest goods and services built in an economy also secondary taxation minus subsidies Answer: D

196. National money means: a. money property value merchandise ‘and you may features produced in a nation during per year. b. money property value brings and you can offers out-of a country throughout the a beneficial year. c. money property value financial support goods produced by a country through the a beneficial seasons. d. money value of consumer products developed by a nation while in the a good year. Goodnswer: A good

197.National earnings calculated in the newest pricing into the Asia has revealed a beneficial tendency to increase faster than federal earnings on ongoing prices. This is because: an effective. India's populace could have been ascending quick b. General speed level throughout the economy could have been rising quickly c. Mathematically manipulations have employment with the look d. Legs seasons chosen was an abnormal season Address: B

198.Brand new measure of an excellent worker's genuine wage try : a good. the alteration within his productivity more than a given date b. his earning shortly after deduction during the provider c. their everyday earnings d. the new to find power out of his income Respond to: D